Deep Soul

Deep Soul is based off of the theme “speed” in the 2014 Art2Wear Show at North Carolina State University. I had to collaborate with a textiles student, Kara Walker, and take her interpretation of the theme and create a story surrounding her vision. Walker focused on “speed of sound” and how music, particularly “soulful” music, can take the audience to new and exotic places. By taking this particular perception of the theme, I came up with a short story involving a seemingly tomboyish girl and a mystical, otherworldly sea creature.

Their character designs are intended to visually contrast in color, size, and disposition. The setting (somewhere off the coast of India) is also another factor in the designs of these two characters because when I was researching various “soulful” soundtracks, I came across several Indian lullabies that contained the “magic” that I was seeking. Thus, I wanted the girl, in particular, to be of Indian origin.

I intentionally took Walker’s exact interpretation of the Art2Wear theme and created a story that emphasizes sound’s ability to create a moment of emotional transformation and of spiritual escape. Deep Soul portrays a lonely girl strumming a disheartening tune, uninspired by the vast and empty world around her. However, when a melodious creature shows her the bottomless depths of the imagination, she undergoes a colorful metamorphosis of the soul.

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